Everyone that loves their pets knows The end of life for them and us is the most heartbreaking journey for us, RJ at pet passages is the most caring kind soul, I was Beside myself with grief On losing my precious BJ, I called him up and let him know that BJ probably was going to pass away and I wanted more information he gave me all the information I needed and told me it didn’t matter what time it was I could call him if I needed him , I called him the next morning and told him BJ had passed away and he was so helpful and caring and helping me get all the arrangements for his cremation, at times I couldn’t even think straight Because of my grief he was very patient and kind and help me through this and for that I will be forever grateful, they did a compassionate job and I’m very pleased with the outcome and all the caring put in to taking care of BJ on his final journey To the rainbow bridge, you will not be disappointed in the service you get, very professional caring at a time when it is needed most, they have a room you can go into, And they give you all the time you need to say your final goodbye perfect service in every way. Thank you RJ and Pet Passages For making a very difficult time, A little more bearable for a grieving dog mom.