One week ago I met a most caring, kind, and sensitive man. His name is RJ. He works at the Pet Passages – Largo facility and ever so gently carried me through the unexpected loss of my kitty Holly. It’s a very long story and one I still am unable to grasp.

I was going to use the crematory my vet uses. However, the day after I lost her I did some research on the crematory where my precious babe was to go, I was horrified at testimonials and immediately began searching elsewhere to take her. It was Saturday afternoon and my vets office had closed at noon. I was frantic not knowing if she had been already taken to the crematory or still at vets office.

I called Pet Passages and spoke with RJ and he was ready to go get her from the other crematory, but they were closed as well and didn’t open till Monday. He assured me even if they had her they would not have proceeded without payment so I immediately was relieved to hear that. We agreed to meet at my vets office at 8am Monday morning.

On Sunday evening I felt badly to have him meet me so early not even knowing if she was still there. I called him once again and told him to let me go first and be ready to come as soon as I knew she was there.
She was and RJ called me within a half hour to tell me he had her and she was safely in his care. He told me she would be ready on Tuesday.

We spoke later that day for my specifics and all was moving forward. Then Monday evening I had a change of heart about my original choice for her remains. I realized my other fur baby will he following his best friend very very soon as he has been sick for a year and a half and has surprised all and is thriving. I realized I wanted their ashes to be in same container and therefore needed a larger option. I once again spoke to RJ and explained my new plan. Not only did he agree to make the changes on the spot, but he did so without additional charge. I am ever so grateful that I found such a caring gentleman. As much as my heart is broken I’m certain her remains are home with me where she belongs.

RJ, Holly and I cant thank you enough for the extra mile you took with each painful step. As I mentioned to you, my other kitty will be coming to you. Unfortunately sooner than I thought. He stopped eating two days ago. I think he is heartbroken without his best friend. He cries n cries when awake and walks around the house searching. I don’t know if it would have happened now anyway, but I think he has given up his fight because Holly is gone. They were both exceptional cats. Inseparable always and acted more like dogs than cats. I’m so grateful they were in my life.

With much gratitude to you for your utmost care.
Marion, Holly and Punkin