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Kaine ”kainie poo” Dent Dent

KAINE was our 3rd child except he was a fur baby, he was rescued from being a fight dog at 9 months, when we locked eyes I offered to buy him. We brought him home and he instantly was in Love with my daughter Elise who was 3, and my son Taevon who was 5. His daddy Tim, taught him so many tricks, he was so well behaved they became best buddies. He was been through 12 years of Love, tears and a additional child we had named Ayden who Kaine also helped raise as his little brother. Kaine was loyal, and a companion on our best days and worst days he lifted our spirits. You are missed everyday! We love you Kainie Poo.
We love you to the moon and back!!!
He loved the ocean, sun bathing and playing with the kids.

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