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Tuxedo lang

This sweet but spicy little man was a black chi w a white bow on his chest hence tuxedo he was my sons protector, all x bud, snack buddy, his world since 2006. they were quite inseperable he was the best pup from the getgo for gary. then horror struck him one morning he was neck turned, walking sidewise and losing balance went to vet not infection more likely as confirmed a brain tumor in 3 short months he was treated over and above even better giving him as if that day could be his last. he showed no pain loved ever so deeply until 3 am Monday morning when he had hard x catching breath my son called me and not 20 min later he passed in our arms. so how do you help your son to process that his world has now crossed over the rainbow but left him here to go on w his memory when he was his world and my son has such a horrible process to go through. this little man will be missed every hour every day forever. we were so lucky to have you found as a rescue roaming the streets of tampa skinny and scared to death to become the biggest part of my son and our family. thank you for your big heart in our lives we loved you so much and will always love you now play and roam pain free like a new pup you so deserve it obviously God knew something we didn’t and he needed you more than we did. Love You Tux Forever and Always we will meet again one day till then save me a spot.

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