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Pete Quilliam

Pete came into my life by way, I truly believe, of another pet. I had a 16 year old kitty that had become extremely ill.I promised her on a Monday that I would help her feel better on the upcoming Friday.I called the vet and made the appointment.I really believe that she put out the mental invitation for someone to take her place.She put it out there that a vacancy would soon need to be filled ,but only if you could abide by the rules.Those rules being,stay off the counter tops,stay out of the bird room and if you can rule 3 dogs,your welcome here. That same night I made her appointment,I ate dinner in the living room and kept hearing a cat meowing. I looked to my front window and saw a little face with the cutest little black nose staring in at me. It was instant love . He never left during that week that we waited for my other babys final appointment. That Friday ,after she was gone,I cleaned up after her ,bought him new bowls, bed and litter box and invited him in.It took no time at all for him to let the dogs know he was here to stay. For the entire 22 years I had him,he NEVER jumped on the counters and NEVER set foot into the bird room.He would sit in the doorway and watch them but never entered the room. We had been thru a lot together. He was with me thru 5 job changes,3 moves, 3 cats and 7 dogs.That is just to name a few. My little rock,my little shoulder to cry on is now running the Rainbow Bridge with long gone friends.Such a small little being has left a very large hole ,in my heart and my life. Until we meet again.Love you bubba !

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