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Oti lang

Oti was just a little but very brave Shitz zu which was taken back by three individual families prior to my rescueing of him to find that he was nt untrainable he actually had a very large painful golf size jagged stone in his bladder therefore causing him excruciating pain. I immediately took him to my vet diagnosed this immediately he needed emergency surgery or he would die. Oti came thru his surgery like a champ that he was he had to be the strongest and most amazingly sweetest pup he came home and instead of being a 4 year old dog yup for four years this poor pup endured this horristic condition but no more he was a crazy loving sweet puppy and that is the way the rest of his long special great life with his family was for the next 22 3/4 years he turned blind about 5 years ago and partially deaf but he still was very loving and loved to b loved and to the end he was just the best friend he was my best friend I love you so very much little man he was my little angel now he can run and play again till we meet again sweet man you will be in my heart always.

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