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Sweet-pea Harrison

Our beloved Sweet-pea came to us by my Mom. My Mom loved her so very much, but unfortunately my mother’s cancer came back and she wanted us to have her.
We spoiled and loved her so much! Everywhere we went, people fell in loved with her. So sweet nature, loved when kids read to her, tummy rubs and scratching behind her ears! Loved music, would sit and listen to it.
Went on trips with us, St. Augustine, New Jersey, Springs, parks and loved her puppy friends at Pup Day Care. Sweet-pea loved to run in the mountains with us. Was a bit of a bed hog!!
Didn’t mind putting on a funny hat or something goofy! So sweet nature!
Being a Beagle she was always sniffing or getting into something. But, always ready for a good snuggle!!
She is in Heaven now with my Mom & Pop listening to music and being loved on!! She is now truly a puppy angel!
She will be missed terribly so much by many people who knew her!
She is loved and always will be.

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