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Diva Brown Brown-McCord

Diva was a bicolored kitten, who was adopted by myself, my son, and our dog, Teddy Bear, who was like a daddy to her. She was a very smart kitten. She even liked to follow us on walks. She was too smart to cross the street, though. She loved being outside, and would often bring us gifts: mice, rats, snakes, opossoms, birds, grasshoppers, and lizards were common. She had started to learn that the gifts she had brought should be kept outside, and would turn around when my new husband, her human daddy, would tell her to put it back. Often, this would save some lucky critter’s life. She loved salmon pate and other fishy dishes. She loved to play hide and seek, but wasnt very good at hiding. She thought she was, though. She loved to snuggle, and would often take naps on her mommy or daddy’s lap. She liked to check the dog’s food, to make sure the dog wasnt getting better stuff than she was. She had the cutest little meow..she would meow to come inside, but knew how to open the door to get out. She was a beautiful little cat and we loved her so much. We will miss you, Diva.

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